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So today I am going to tell you a little bit about my favorite makeup product. I’m sure that most anyone out there who realizes the never ending possibilities with makeup will understand that it is nearly impossible to pick a favorite product. But alas, one must try in this difficult world, and after much soul searching and debating, I have finally come to a conclusion. The world would be lost without (I’m sure you may have guessed by now) the wonderful invention of LIPSTICK!

I know I know. Most people think mascara or foundation are the two things that you absolutely can’t live without. Well, I am here to say that mascara and foundation are boring without a great lipstick. Lipstick doesn’t need help from any other product to be awesome; all it needs are some nice lips and maybe a good lip liner, but even those are optional. I didn’t discover my love for lipsticks until I was 20 years old and working for MAC here in West Des Moines. I’m the kind of person who needs things to be right in front of my face in order for me to realize it’s an option. Thus, the endless options at MAC finally made me realize that maybe they are on to something here….

So the next time you find yourself in a hurry to get out the door but still look decent, grab yourself a quality lipstick, slap some on and be fabulous. If you wanna be realllllllyyyyy fabulous, you can use the same tube of lipstick and dust some on your cheeks and BAM! Blush and lipstick = glamorous face with minimal effort and maximum results. You’re welcome.

Here are some of my personal favorites from MAC:

  • Diva – Deep burgundy, great for a night out or a fancy schmancy event
  • Creme Cup – Classic light pink with a nice shine for a natural look with a pop
  • Velvet Teddy – Deeper nude for a natural but sophisticated look

What are some of your guys’ favorite brands of lip products???


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