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Okay beauty fanatics, it’s time to figure out what the heck is supposed to be in style for 2016.

Each year multiple makeup and beauty authorities release a series of trends that they will be showcasing throughout the year to represent the different seasons. Last year, there was a lot of popularity with the “no makeup” look. (My personal favorite.) We also saw a lot of hype about glowing skin and sporting the healthy, fresh out of the shower feel. Then came fall, and it is almost impossible to not want to wear the deep burgundies and browns, especially for the lip. So what looks should you be sporting this year?

First of all, trends are only that-trends. Just because some high fashion hot shot says you should wear it does not mean that you will look ridiculous if you don’t. Trends are meant to inspire cultivation of creativity. When a trend is released, take the guidelines and run with it, making it your own unique interpretation of what you think should be trendy. If you happen to a rebellious miscreant that hates being told what to do, even by the fashion industry, like me, then use the trends to know exactly what NOT to do and makeup (pun intended) your own! Luckily, our country hasn’t enforced any fashion police protocol (yet), so if you like it, wear it.

That being said, lets go over some of the upcoming looks that are being presented.

  1. The Classic Bold Red Lip
  2. Bronze, Bronze and more Bronze
  3. A Neutral Eye is a Boring Eye

Now these are just a few that I have observed so far, but these three cover the basics. Number one is something that I don’t believe will ever go out of style. It’s beautiful, makes a statement and spices up your whole look without having to over do anything. So if you have never been brave enough to sport a red lip, then I encourage you to drop the boring gloss and go bold already! Slap some red on with a bit of mascara and BAM! You’re ready. It is a lot of fun and who wouldn’t want to feel like Marilyn Monroe for a day?

Number two is pretty self explanatory. Bronze is usually reserved for summer, but this year I think we will be seeing it during all four seasons. Porcelain skin will always be a beautiful thing, but having the look of freshly sun kissed skin will forever be a pleasant reminder of the joys and warmth of summer time, which will always make it pleasing to the eye. And when you live in Iowa, thoughts of summer are the happiest thoughts.

Lastly, a neutral eye is a boring eye. This one is pretty broad, but that’s what makes trends fun. They are open to interpretation. It has been a long time since I’ve seen someone sport a non natural color on their eyelids. I can understand the hesitation when it comes to being a little more bold with blues and greens and purples etc, but it is so important to realize that these colors can be very effective in complimenting an over all look. I do not advise plastering some neon green all around the eyes and expecting a glamorous outcome. Unless you’re 5. Then it’s perfectly acceptable and you would look awesome. If you are in fact an adult, then you need to realize that in order to use bold colors effectively, you need to balance out the rest of the face with neutrals. So sport a bold color and make it the focus, but maximize the look by blending golds and tans and gray’s into the mix.

Now that you have some insight as to what is expected to be seen this year, go and try one out! Or don’t, just try SOMETHING NEW!! I will be posting my #trendythursday look on my Instagram account later today. Feel free to post yours as well using the #trendythursday hashtag! Happy trending!!


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