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12074841_1710813859140480_830500304631816156_nHappy Valentines Day, everyone!!! What better day than today to get back at it and show my appreciation for all of the hardworking models out there!

Modeling truly is an art form; something that requires talent, patience and a great deal of self discipline. As a model you are told where to be, what to wear, how to look, what to eat, when to eat, when to poop etc. You are required to make uncomfortable situations look desirable, or to look comfortable when you are probably in the most painful pair of heels ever designed. Hours upon hours are spent in a chair prepping for hair and makeup, all to capture a photo. On top of all the requirements and grueling hours there is the burden of dealing with mental and physical road blocks that stem from the overwhelming flood of materialism.

I understand that most models are choosing to deal with all the baggage tacked onto the job because they love what they do. But that does not make it any easier. Those who have never worked in the beauty industry or with a model cannot understand the importance a little appreciation is for these hard working men and women. Modeling portrays an illusion of glamour. Yet models are people who deal with the hardships of everyday life just the same as the everyday human.

The photo up above features a picture of a WONDERFUL woman named Jordan that I had the pleasure of working with back in September. She endured a full day of makeup and photos and runway work without one hint of a complaint. I was packing my equipment up at the very end of the night, getting ready to leave, and her boyfriend came up to me and asked me if I knew she had terminal cancer. I was FLOORED. First of all, I had no idea. Second of all, I could not believe this woman worked all day for us and never said a word, hinted that she was sick and exhausted, or asked for an ounce of pity. All of this without pay, by the way. In fact, she had nothing but wonderful things to say to me about my work and what she thought about me as a person. She is a prime example of why I believe models deserve a shoutout today. She has given me ZERO excuses to not get up in the morning and work my butt off without complaining. She has an amazing appreciation for life and other people, she is a great mother to her children and she’s sassy as all get out.

Jordan is still battling with her cancer today. I would love it if you all could show your support for her on this day of love and send her an encouraging word and/or a prayer. Take a look at her journey as shown on her instagram page here. Jordan, thank you.

To all you other models, thank you for providing your beautiful faces for me to express my creativity with. I would love the opportunity to work with your talented selves. Your hard work IS appreciated!

Happy Valentines Day! ♡♡♡


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