Tips on Tuesday: Know When to Spend

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It is a nice chilly Tuesday morning here in Iowa subtly reminding me that I should probably just move to Florida. But, alas, I cannot for many many reasons, so I’m just going to have to focus on the good things that don’t remind I’m freezing my tail off.

“Like what?!” you ask. Like all the ways buying makeup DOESN’T have to break my bank!!! If there is anything that can bring me peace of mind, it’s knowing that I didn’t unnecessarily spend $500 on a bunch of makeup that I probably could have gotten somewhere else.

Being a makeup artist is not a cheap career. Makeup will always be a hot commodity, and it should be, but that also means that the big brands can charge whatever they want regardless of the actual value or quality of the product. That leaves me with the task of finding out what products of certain brands work for me that are expensive and what products I can get away with buying at a drugstore. The only downside to that is that I do actually have to spend money to see how I like each product, but it is only a one time expense.

Everybody has a unique face and what works for me might not necessarily work for you, so I encourage you to test things out for yourself and really pay attention to how your skin reacts. That being said, what are a few things I can get away with buying at a drugstore?

  1. Lipgloss
  2. Gel eyeliner
  3. Mascara

Gloss is one of the easiest things to waste your money on. No matter what brand you buy, you will always need to retouch gloss the most often, so naturally you will use it up quicker. So why not find a cheap brand that you like and not feel guilty about buying a new tube every two weeks while still getting the same results? A couple of brands that I like are L’oreal Infallible lipgloss and NYX lipgloss.

Gel eyeliner is a MUST buy at a discounted price. Personally, I have had better luck with my eyeliner not smudging and giving me more color payout with the more inexpensive brands than I have with the mainstream brands. If I buy a $20 black gel liner that requires two or three layers just to get it as black as I want, then i’m a furious customer because that has become a waste of my time and money. I stick to Maybelline Eye Studio get liner.

Lastly, my personal favorite, mascara. The main complaint I have gotten about mascara is that is falls under the eye by the end of the day creating the beloved “raccoon eyes.” This can definitely be due to which brand you are using, but it also can occur when you apply new mascara over old mascara or dirty lashes. Before going out and buying the expensive stuff, try thoroughly washing your makeup off and applying a lash primer before applying the mascara. Also, as a side note, know whether you need a big brush or a little brush! A big brush on small lashes does not equal big lashes. You have more chances of stabbing your eyeball than you do of getting luscious lashes. The smaller your eyes/lashes, the smaller brush you want to have. When you have more ground to cover, you’re gonna want a bigger tool. So test some out and pay attention to the brush more so than the brand.

I hope your face and your bank can benefit from this little tidbit today, and don’t be ashamed to save some money!!!

Happy face painting!


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