Is Doing Work For Free Worth It?

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6903_1765175643704301_210952686634410305_nDuring my Bible reading this morning, I was in Proverbs, specifically Proverbs 11:24, and it contrasted the rewards of giving freely and the consequences of being selfish with what has been given to you. Obviously, this verse is mostly applied to money, but for me I can definitely see how it would apply to my job.

Being a makeup artist requires a lot of time and patience and skill set. When you are asked to do a job, payment is usually expected and it would be considered rude if the consumer didn’t offer any payment because you are doing something for them that they could not achieve on their own. That is the heart of business. Both sides need each other in order to profit. It has been quite the journey for me to get my name out there and an even harder journey to get people to want to pay me for what I do. There have been multiple times where I have been asked to do makeup for free, some I did because I needed to build my portfolio, others because I didn’t know how to bring up the topic of payment. As a result, I would be bitter about not getting what I thought was owed to me and end up refusing to do makeup for anyone that wasn’t willing to pay for my work.

What a backwards way of looking at things!!! I love what I do and I let a stupid thing like money get in the way of many opportunities that could have benefitted me in other ways. Obviously, since this is my way of living and an actual business, I can’t do everything for free. But for times when I am not paid I will choose to view it as a great experience, because not only am I meeting new people and making connections, but I also have more proof that God has given me a talent and it was another day that I was able to do something that I enjoy immensely.

All of that to say that I am working on being less stingy with my craft and I also want to be supportive of other people in my field about what they are doing. This is a competitive industry, but growth is most effective when we help each other out instead of trying to  “make it on our own” because we are too stubborn and prideful to ask for help. I believe profit will come with time, patience and generosity.

At the end of the day, be able to discern when you are being used and when it won’t do any harm to give a free service. That free service could end up being more beneficial than money. You never know.

Happy Tuesday, friends, and go support someone on their journey!


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