How To Create A Balanced Face

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Everyday life requires a certain amount of balance in order to keep chaos from rising to the surface. Time management keeps your schedule from burying you alive; eating healthy foods and exercising regularly allow you to enjoy the occasional piece (or pieces) of cake guilt free; Getting an adequate amount of sleep helps increase your productivity for the next day, and on the list goes.

The same sense of balance is required when it comes to applying makeup. Without balance you find yourself at risk of over doing it, wasting your effort creating a look with little to no results or just creating pure chaos on your face.

Makeup is designed to enhance your best features, while at the same time distract from any imperfections. The best way to determine how to balance your makeup look is to find the area that you want to focus on or enhance. It is usually most effective to just pick one area, especially if you are going for a look that you could wear everyday. For example: If you decide to go bold on the eyes, add a little gloss to your lips and a pop of cheek color and call it good. This ensures that the focus will stay on they eyes, yet still retain a finished look. If you want to focus on the lips, go for a bold color, but tone down the eye shadow and eyeliner just a bit to make sure those luscious lips get the love they deserve.

Last but not least, subtlety is key. I know that contouring is all the rage right now, but in order for a contour to look decent, natural AND balance out the face, you have to start with less product. So maybe before you go for all the concealers/color correctors/highlighters, try using a little bit of darker powder to contour the cheeks and then add a nice highlight on the cheek bone.

Understanding the concept of how to balance a face will allow you to eventually create bolder looks without over doing it, incorporate fun colors without looking like a clown and expand your creativity by experimenting with different looks that you wouldn’t normally wear.

Happy balancing and don’t be afraid to get out there and try something new!


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