Why “Making it on Your Own” is a Terrible Plan for Success

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Good afternoon on this gloomy Friday, friends! It’s days like these that make it hard to get out of bed and be productive, but I’m happy to say that I’ve already gotten my morning workout, reading and coffee out of the way, so I feel more prepared to get the day rolling. Just a heads up, this post may be a bit longer, but try to stick it out!

This week has been filled with quite the mix of emotions for me for many reasons that I will not get into, but it has also been a great week because I have wonderful people in my life to help me figure things out. Without these people and the support they offer, I would most likely have not gone through every day with a great sense of joy and thankfulness.

In today’s culture, more often than not, I see a common theme from many sources, especially pop culture and media of “making it on my own” and “I’m going to do me” that has been adopted and glorified by everyday people working hard to make a living. In essence, our culture has decided that in order to be successful, you have to do it all by yourself without the help or support from anybody else just so you can say that “you did it.” AKA bragging rights. This. Is. Ridiculous! Why? Because nobody can do anything without anybody else. Support and interest from other people is what gives your work value. And to say that you don’t need anybody else is bogus, arrogant and downright stupid.

My journey to success is an ongoing one, and still in the very beginning stages. But I have made more progress in the last three months than I have over the last year because I started reaching out to people for HELP. I did not take a business class in school. I am not naturally a “go getter” if it pushes me out of my comfort zone. And I certainly lack motivation when I have nobody to hold me accountable. Knowing this about myself, “grinding” every day all day is not very likely. I have had fellow makeup artist’s, cosmetologist’s, photographers, family, and even complete strangers help me learn how to better myself and get my business in a position to be successful. Something I could have never done on my own, nor would I have wanted to.

My point in bringing all of this up is to let anyone out there know, no matter what you’re trying to achieve or what you may be struggling with, that you have a MUCH higher chance at being successful when you reach out to the people around you. Build those relationships. I’ve noticed that most people who try to go it alone become bitter towards other people because it creates a sense of “you vs. me.” How great would it be if people realized that other people are there for YOU? And that you are there for THEM. The positive effects of engaging with other people are priceless. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. Support the people around you, regardless of whether or not they are successful or struggling or your direct competition. That competition could be your biggest ally someday.

THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who have helped me grow and boosted my chance of success with my business. It means everything to me, and I am able to love my job daily knowing that you all have my back.


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